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Mount Pleasant Cemetery & Crematory

Mt Pleasant Cemetery is now using a state-of-art patent pending cremation technique called "Clean Sweep"The tool uses air to extract only the remaining fragments of your loved one's cremated remains and reduces the risk of what is known as "co-mingling of ashes. New York Atlantic Funeral Services highly recommends Mt.Pleasant Cemetery for your cremation services.

Veteran's Administration

Too often the remains of Veterans who die with no known next-of-kin and insufficient resources do not receive a timely, dignified burial because officials must search for relatives and resources to bury them, sometimes unsuccessfully. By working together, we can provide these Veterans with the memorial benefits they have earned. If you have the remains of a Veteran or are unsure if you have the remains of a Veteran, please contact the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) National Cemetery Administration (NCA), National Cemetery Scheduling Office (1-800-535-1117). If VA has service records relating to the decedent, NCA can determine burial eligibility status usually within 24 hours. In cases where records are not readily available within VA, NCA may still be able to determine eligibility often within 48 hours. Once eligibility is established, the National Cemetery Scheduling Office (1-800-535-1117) will assist in arranging burial at any of our open VA national cemeteries. VA has several reimbursement programs available to defray costs you may incur associated with the preparation and transportation of the remains of unclaimed Veterans to VA national cemeteries. By the end of 2014, VA will add another reimbursement program to its current burial and transportation benefits - reimbursement for certain types of caskets or urns purchased to bury a Veteran who dies with no next-of-kin and no resources to provide a burial receptacle. Additional information will be sent on this new casket and urn reimbursement program as soon as it becomes available. In the meantime, please keep receipts for these expenses and review additional information on NCA’s proposed implementation of the reimbursement program. ( NCA will use GovDelivery to provide future updates related to VA’s reimbursements program. Thank you for your time and attention regarding the burial of our Nation’s Veterans. VA stands ready to honor these men and women with a final resting place at one of our National Shrines. Sincerely, Ronald E. Walters Acting Under Secretary for Memorial Affairs

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